pain after lletz

Hi everyone. I had lletz done on thursday for cin 3. I cramped a bit after not too bad on and off since. But today i have pains around my pelvis and down my legs. Its only mild but do you think it could be a sign of an infection starting? I did quite a bit of housework today do you think it could be me doing too much has caused it? Im terrified of getting an infection cus antibiotics make me really sick :( i dont think ive a temperature im not bleeding heavily but ive been feeling a bit queasy. Any opinions wud be great xx

For the day after I felt like my insides were going to drop out, the second day I still felt rough and very tired and for a week after I knew if I had done too much/lifted too much as it hurt. This then went on to muscle aache as think I was tensing to try and protect myself alot. so far I've had no bleeding as such and no other signs of infection but I too was concerned about every twinge just incase. Lifted a 20kg dog at work today two weeks on, didn't really have any choice and don't think it was the best idea, possibly just from muscle strength more than anything else! Just keep an eye on everything and just ring the clinic even if you just want some reassurance :)