Pain after lletz

Hi guys, ok so in brief i had a lletz 2 years ago, cin 3 all removed and clear results following. Another abnormal smear in jan and sd so another lletz done on friday. Also been tested positive for hpv18. This time around im in quite alot of pain, day 3 now and no better. 1st time i had lletz i was fine after a day so getting a bit worried. Doc gave me a course of antibiotics anyway to prevent infection, but do you think i should go back or wait and see a bit? X


Didn't want to read and run. I think the amount of pain your in depend so the size of the area being removed etc. Was it a bigger area this time around?

I was in pain for about about a week as I had a pretty big area removed and it was very close to the vagina wall so I had to have it done under GA.

If your worried though it's probably worth giving them a call or going to see your GP, just to put your mind at easy a little.

Hope the pain eases for you soon :) xx