pain after lletz with infection

Hi all, 

I'm a bit concerned as had my lletz on the 18th Feb, I started having pain on the 19th and was sent to an urgent care centre.

I I was told there that I have an infection and put on antibiotics with pain killers. 

TToday (23rd) I've spoken to my gp as pain has got wors,  shivering, temp of 38.4... 

I was put on co-amoxiclav, another antibiotic, and told if the pain and temp hasn't settled by tomorrow afternoon I have to go back to the hospital. 

Apparently I could have an access at the treatment site?! 


s has anyone had this? If so could you please settle my mind!! 


Hi Lydrose

Sorry I have not been through this. I managed to pick up a mild infection about 3 weeks post LLETZ but was resolved quickly with ab's. Sorry you are going through this. Get as many doses of the antibiotics in you as you can following their guidelines and hopefully they will work quickly. If in any doubt, ring 111 if you are at all worried

Big Hugs