Pain after LLETZ & cone biopsy

Hi ladies,

On the 19th of August I had LLETZ and cone biopsy under GA, I had a rough 2 weeks after that and had numerous infections plus infection from the procedure.

I had treatment to stop the bleeding 2 weeks ago and although I feel loads better in myself I am experiencing a lot of pain, a awful dull achy pain right across my lower abdomen, anything from walking, driving over a speed bump and sometimes even lying down can aggravate it.

Has anybody else experienced this? If so how log did this go on for? I was under the impression I could start exercise after 4 weeks but I really don't want to make myself worse. Would much appreciate to here your story and if you can relate to this.

Dannielle xx



• July- abnormal smear low grade abnormalities and HPV 

• July - colposcopy and biopsy 

• August 10th - results CIN3 and HPV signed for LLETZ under GA

• August 19th - LLETZ & cone biopsy under GA 

• August 23rd - hospital with infection on my cervix



You had yours done a little before me (30th) but my pains lasted quite a while and it's been 2 weeks 2 days now and I still get what feels like a really tender lower belly. I have a 4 month old who I have no choice but to pick up etc but feel that makes it worse, and if I'm busy in the day on the evening I'm really uncomfortable. A few people told me it would be normal as our insides have had abit of trauma! But maybe with you coming on 4 weeks could be worth checking with the doctor? Especially with you having the infection afterwards too bless you. Hope you feel better soon!! Xxx

Yes I thought the same a little tender but the aches are not getting any better, maybe it is best I ask my GP but also thinking if it didn't health for 2 weeks after my procedure am I realistically only on my second day week of recovery?  It's all so confusing and God damn complicated, it's hard being a woman sometimes haha.

Oh no I feel for you, as much as somebody says rest you really can't with a little one especially so little but as a mum you feel it's your duty despite any help you may be offered