Pain after Colposcopy

Hi ladies, I’ve a question about pain after treatment.

I’ve just had by second colposcopy. the first in October for a biopsy around 6 weeks ago, the doctor said he couldn’t see anything untoward during the procedure and because I’d had a treatment 10 years ago he didn’t want to ‘over treat’ so they just took a biopsy. This was on a Friday, I was laid up over the weekend and only went back to work on the Monday because I was working from home! Despite being in lots of pain.

The biopsy confirmed CIN 1,2&3 so I went back on Friday (2/12) for Loop Diathermy. I have found both procedures to be incredibly painful, I’ve had the weekend to recover and so far taken two days off work. I’ve got to back tomorrow, they’ll be mad if I don’t! All the paperwork says you’ll get mild period pain. Some women on here say they don’t feel pain after. I’m worried it’s too much pain. Even having the speculum introduced at the beginning of the procedure was painful!

I’m also surprised that I’m having to wait for the results of the diathermy too. I thought because they’d taken biopsies that was all done with, so now I’m back to the worry stage and I seem to be constantly googling and frantically searching through here.

Any advice or a good old slap round the face and tell me to pull myself together is most welcome :slight_smile: :-/

Hi Kaiser,

I'm sorry you're feeling a lot of pain! I've also read that it's expected to be similar to period pain/cramps, and that's pretty much what I've experienced, with some more severe abdominal pain straight after my biospy and LLETZ. However, I think it's worth acknowledging that everyone is different! My consultant did say to me that some women feel absolutely fine to go back to work the same day, some need a few days to recover. 

I would suggest taking normal painkillers if it's something you're comfortable with, just to cope with the pain for now, but if you feel like this pain isn't normal for you, definitely go see your GP! I'm sure a speculum isn't supposed to hurt - they always use the phrase 'mild discomfort' and I never know what exactly they mean :p 

Also, please don't feel like you have to go back to work because they'll be mad if you don't! Obviously I don't know your working situation but there will be terms in your contract about what you're entitled to with sickness/injury, and this definitely counts! You've been through a tough procedure (mentally & physically for some people!) and really you should take the time you need to recover from that. 

Hoping you feel better soon!


Thanks Scout, what you say here is absolutely right. I just need to see how I feel in the morning.

Hope your LLETZ results come back quickly!


i had my Leetz done last Tuesday and even now if I do too much I still feel uncomfortable. I think just listen to your body and rest as much as possible. 

Hope you feel better soon

Thank you Tracynorthcat, I'm still not back at work. have you had your results yet? the waiting is endless.


Good luck ladies

Hope you feel better soon. After my first lletz I was fine but my second was awful and so painful. I had to have a few days off work. I took pain killers which seemed to help and just rested. I think it is different for everyone. 


Hi Kaiser


im still waiting for my results I wish they would hurry up. How are you doing?


Hi Tracynorthcat,


Any results for you yet? Nothing for me. Although I've been quite unwell since my last post.

I went to the doctor after 6 days of excruitiating pain, which also travelling round my lower back. The doctor wouldn't do an exam because I was bleeding but gave me some antibiotics and signed me off work for a week.


Today it's like someone left the tap on (sorry) I've passed lots of clots and I'm currently changing my pad every 30 minutes. Went back to the doc, again, she said if you go to A&E you'll be there waiting for hours then they'll tell you to go home and let it pass. She has taken swabs this time and given me a different type of antibiotics and I've got to have a blood test later in the week.

Hurry up and wait hey!