Pain after colposcopy

hi all, I had an urgent colposcopy and pinch biopsy yesterday, because it was all rushed, I didn't have time to think about what questions I might have wanted to ask etc. The procedure and biopsy was pretty much pain free until towards the end when I started experiencing awful cramping, like bad menstruation cramps, I mentioned this to the doctor carrying out the procedure and she said that mild cramping was normal, she gave me a pamphlet and told me to abstain from sex for 4 days and to expect some dishcharge for up to a week and that sometimes people can get mild cramping. It's now over 24 hours since I had the procedure and the cramping is NOT mild, it is like really bad menstruation pain. It does ease with paracetamol and codeine and Brufen, however as soon as they start to wear off the cramping gets quite severe again. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this following a colposcopy and pinch biopsy as everywhere I read I just see people saying they were fine and back to normal in a few hours??


Hi hope you are feeling better soon. I was the same as you it took me 3/4 days to feel better. I think everyone reacts differently I found hot water bottle helped! Kx


I had really bad cramp during my biopsy, it was not "mild" like they say it was like getting a migraine in my uterus.

I bled very heavily for 3 days, and it stopped entirely on the fourth day. My cramp stopped after a day, but bizzarely came back on the day I stopped bleeding and I've been having cramping the same level as period pains for 10 days now. I called a nurse, who said it is ok as long as I don't think I have an infection, and everybody's different and our bodies react differently to things.

If you are worried, call a nurse or NHS direct for reassurance x