pain after chemo/rads!Advice please x

Hi Ladies,

How long does the pain after chemo/rad last???I am really tired of it nowCry

I had a couple of weeks where I really felt like I was getting better,still pain at the end of

the day,but not feeling ill....That was two weeks ago,

since then I have been in pain 24/7 numb groin and burning stabbing bum cheek,back,hip pain,tired etc

Sounds bad to me,but I am still keeping in mind that the consultant said it could take up to a

year to feel better!!!In pain for a year!!!REALLY!!Yell

I have an appointment with the GP he's on holiday so have to wait till 9th May.

Please can just one of you say, yes this is normal and you will get better,then the cancer devil

will get back in it's box LOLLaughing

I think I am worrying because the consultant did'nt say the tumour had all gone,that would

have made a big difference,especially as this is a recurrence.I hate been post treatment,they put everything

down to the treatment.

Well,thanks for reading,I needed to get it of my chest.

Takecare Becky x


Hi Becky

I know how you feel !!!  I am 9 weeks post treatment, and I am also suffering with hip pain, groin pain and tiredness...... My consultant also says that this is due to the radio ....  I guess I am saying that I am there with you, but dont know if this is 'normal' or if it will pass.......

Hope you are feeling better today



Hi Tracey,

Thanks for your reply.I'm sorry you feel the same,it's really hard is'nt it.

I still feel the same today,last night was really bad.

I think I feel worse because the weather has been a bit gloomy the past few day's,

made a differnce to my mood when it was sunny.

Thanks again,it does help to share.

Hope you are having a good day and not in too much pain

Becky x

Hi Becky

It is hard ....  For me the worst part at the moment are the menopause symptons and trying to get these under control......  Im trying to do it without HRT, and have decided to give it until after my surgery in May (assuming that goes ahead !!) and then make a judgement .....

The weather really does make a difference  - rain just makes me feel downn !!!

I have found that although it may hurt to start with that gentle stretching and walking up and down the stairs is starting to help my hips.....  I am determined to get rid of the pain and regain the strength in my hips so I can go snowboarding next winter.... each day is a little less paiful - so fingers crossed its working.

Take it steady


Hi Tracey,

I have weekly accupuncture for my menopause symptoms,and they have all gone.

Finding something that works for you is the key.I am not good with artificial hormones,but other people

find them to be a life saver.

I hope you don't have to have surgery.Fingers crossed.

Wow!Snowboarding,thats something to look forward to.I have a dog so rain or shine we are out and about

he's a great motivator.I got him after my first diagnosis to get me fit,it worked and will again.

Hopefully it will be a sunny day tomorrow.


Becky x


Hi Becky

I hadnt thought about accupuncture - thats one to investigate ........  Was the recommendation through the Drs / hospital ?   Im not sure how you find someone who is good / qualified....

Snowboarding is great - its a wonderful feeling of being free, laughing, having fun with friends, but all whilst excercising - highly recommended !!!  I was thinking of getting a dog, but Im thinking I will go away all winter so that would be unfair on a dog..... 

So I have had good news and bad news .....  the MRI earlier this week has shown 'no active disease' so thats 10 weeks clear so far..... bad news is that surgery is recommended and therefore going ahead .....  Guess the silver lining is a few more months off work !!

Hope you are having a better day and the sun is out where you are - nothing like taking the dog for a nice long walk in the sun to cheer anyone up..

Take care


Hi Tracey,

YAY!!!So happy all the disease has been blasted,that's great news.....

Sorry you have to have the surgery,will it be keyhole?I hope so,I know the recovery time is alot less.

Then hopefully you can put this whole thing behind you and get on with what sounds to be a fun and

full life.I have done loads since my first run in with cc,and I think I am a better person for it,I know it's

a cliche,but I did/do live life more after it.

If you PM me I will ask my accupuncturist if he can reccomend anyone in your area.He is amazing,

he trained for 9years and did alot of work at the main cancer hospital in London.

Been a lovely day so far here,I have been a good walk with my dog and feel better for it.

The pain is still bad but have got on top of it with my pain killers,make me abit spacey,but better than

been in agony!LOL!

Keep in touch.If you need any answers to before/ after care etc I am happy to help.


Becky x


Hi Becky

Thank you ......  it is great news and to be honest it made me cry !!!  Happy tears for a change .......

Unfotunately the surgery will be open and not keyhole - apparantly the radio causes internal scarring and this can make the operation more complicated and the surgeon prefers to do the op open and have better visability and control.   On one hand I would prefer to not have surgery, but on the other I think maybe I will be less paranoid of any twinges in the future .....

I think you are right - we all have been given a chance and should grab it with both hands and make the most of everything .... I intend too once I have recovered from my surgery - should be back to full fitness easy for a fun filled winter ......

I am sorry to hear that you are still in a lot of pain - hopefully the further you get from the treatment they will improve.  I have found that the pain did increase at about 6-7 weeks post treatment .... but I am determined not to be controlled by the pain and to crack on - sounds like you are the same...  Dogs are the best support - they are always up for a cuddle and love but need looking after as well .....  They are definately worth their weight in gold.  

Today I did a yoga class - havent done one for at least 10 years.   It has helped with my hip pain - it is noticably reduced this evening compared to yesterday.   Im not great with pain killers and being blonde I am already spacey before I take them !!!  Something else I have found a great help is a hot bath in radox - helps to relax me and reduce the hip and groin pain at night.

Seriously Im trying to avoid any meds at the moment if I can - my body needs the rest after the treatments and meds to get us through - steriods, diahorrea 'stoppers' anti sickness, etc.....

There are so many things we can try - some may help .......  I do hope your pain starts to reduce soon.   Do you have an appointments with the oncologist to discuss the scans / results - I feel like a ton weight has been lifted and although I was not looking forward to the results, at least I would know what I was dealing with / facing.  Must be so hard not knowing.

Good luck - message sent re the accupuncture (thanks xx)


Hi Tracey,

I would be the same regarding the surgery,get it all over and done with.I had open surgery,

it's not easy,but you sound like you can take good care of yourself,and thats half the battle.

Main problem is constipation,no joke!I wish someone had told me that when I had my hysterectomy

I would have stocked up on movicol(thats the best one I think)LOL!

But been on this site helped me through and it will for you.

I have an MRI booked for June,so they are keeping a close eye on me.I finished my treatment

2nd week in December 2013,so thought I would be fine by now.I did have surgery before(keyhole)

so the combination has not helped.

Yes, I love a bath,I still had baths all the way through my treatment even though they said don't

the thearaputic effect was too good to give up.

Anyway the sun is out and my husband and dog are keeping me going.

Have a great weekend P.S. I have dark hair and I am still looney,meds or no lol!


Becky x