pain after cervical biopsy

it was discovered after a smear test that i had abnormal cells so i had to have a biopsy done to determine how serious this was.  it was found that i had CIN3, so i then received LLETZ treatment.  the doctor was not satisfied with only having that done, so after 5 wks i was to have a small part of my cervix removed.  this was to be about the size of a 50pence and about an 3cm deep.   i had this removed on friday 14th of december which was 5 days ago, for the third day now i have been having constant back pain, and now this is travelling down my left leg.  i am having problems walking normally and i am off work due to this.  has anyone else experienced such problems? i did not expect the after effects to be this bad, and i am getting slighlty worried now.  going to make an appointment with my GP today for advice aswell.  



After my LLETZ about 10 days later I had horrible cramps and pain which was in my lower back and down my legs. I was worried it could be an infection but it went after a couple of days. However if yours does not go away or gets worse please call your doc as you may have an infection. Some anitibiotics will soon sort you out!

Besides this I hope you are ok - sounds like a bit of an ordeal you went through


Love Cat x