Pain after 3 weeks

Hi I had a lletz procedure done on the 23rd Oct so 3 weeks ago, the last few days I have been getting quite crampy and also pain down below where it feels like my cervix (very high up so assuming it’s my cervix) no bleeding but the pain is needing me to take painkillers which I wouldn’t be quite fond of. Is this normal? 


i had a colopscopy and treatment on 31st October. I had pain and discharge, i was a bit concerned but I know it can be normal. About 5 days after my treatment the pain was still there, and getting worse and was a little high up. I went to my doctors who gave me antibiotics for an infection and since 3 days after taking them I have had no pain at all. 

If you are concerned then I would go to your doctors as I wouldn’t imagine having to take pain killers for the pain is normal especially after 3 weeks. It could be nothing, But one thing this has taught me is if I am concerned then I am going to go to my doctor and ask as that is was they are there for.