Pain 7 weeks after Rad Hyst


I had a TAH 7 weeks ago with 28 nodes removed plus overies.  I have recovered really well but still have pain under my scar. ir seems to be next to my hip bone and feels like a pulled muscle.  General ache and sharp pain.  I end up walking around like an old lady!

The pain seems to appear some evenings (but not all) then gets better after a nights sleep.  

Has anybody suffered anything similar?

thank you 

Hi Megandog

Oh yes, I had exactly the same after mine - and that was almost 2 years ago.  I had a rad hyst, vertical incision, ovaries removed as well as nearly 40 lymph nodes.  I had pain to the left of my scar for a long, long time afterwards.  The consultant said it was fine and the internal healing can take up to 2 years.

However, if it bothers you a lot then you could always have a word with your GP or CNS to put your mind at rest.



Thanks Cheryl 

I had no idea the recovery would take so long.  My consultant was optimistic that because of my age and fitness (43) I would be feeling normal after 8 weeks.  I guess I need to remind myself I have had a major operation and to listen to my body.  Next challenge is return to work in 2 weeks.

Hi Megan

The actual recovery is a lot quicker than 2 years - it's just that the internal healing can take a while.  Good luck with the return to work, it does take it out of you a bit and I was really tired.  Would advise a phased return if at all possible.

You are so right about listening to your body.  I was told the same and think we are all guilty of not doing it at times!



Hi Megandog,

It's massively invasive surgery and it will take quite a while for your body to get over the shock. Don't push yourself too hard and don't expect to be 'back to normal' in the twinkling of an eye, that's not going to happen. But gradually you will notice that you are more back to normal than you were until you can almost forget it happened (except for the wonky winking navel)

Be lucky :-)

Hi - I have a similar pain at the top of each leg and it lessens if I rest horizontally, I am assuming it will get better with time. It is worse as the day goes on so I take it as a sign to lie down if I can. It's also noticable if I walk anywhere. No answers but lots of empathy... Good luck!

My scar aches on the right side constantly. Today is a bad day. I ended up with a massive haematoma there which still hasn't completely gone. I keep expecting it to be better and have to remind myself just how major the surgery was!!

Thanks everybody for your messages - it is really supportive to know I am not alone with these aches and pains.  The sharp pains seem to have gone away and it is just a sore achey scar and swollen belly to contend with this weekend.  Oops nearly forgot those hot flushes too!  I have started HRT recently so hopefully they will 'cool down' soon.  I have come such a long way since the original diagnosis and that's something to keep focusing on. X