Pain 4 months post Letz

Iv started getting pain in my cervix 4 months post my Letz procedure .
I know you are supposed to wait 6 months to get a repeat smear but I really want them to do another so that they can refer me for another coloposcopy if needed to see if everything is okay .

Has anyone else experienced pain at this point .
Abnormal smear March 2016
Coloposcopy april 2016
CIN 1 only repeat coloposcopy in 6 months
October 2016 coloposcopy -high grade cin 1 cin3
Letz booked for November
CIN 1 and Cin effectively removed on sample
Feb 2017 cervical pain awaiting follow up smear

Hi yeah I had that procedure back in Sept last year and am already on my second infection from it. The pain is very bad in my lower tummy/pelvic area. It's worth going back to see your Dr. 


I'm in the same boat.  I had a lletz done back in October for cin 3, clean margins.  Ever since then it has felt almost like I inserted a tampon in wrong and feels almost raw when I walk.  Lately I've been having pelvic and lower back pains.   I am going to go back and have them check for infection because it has been worrying me.