OW! Pain!!

Hi guys sorry to keep posting and posting on here but no one seems to reply on the advanced forum :-(.

As I personally don't have anyone that I know that has this type of cancer I need to keep asking questions as each time I mention it at the hospital I get looked at like I've got 3 heads! I keep getting a really annoying pain in my public bone I have taken my morphine which seems to do nothing but make me feel sick now a days and a hot water bottle and hot bath barely touch the pain. It is that bad that I am doubled over when I walk  (I can no longer cope with pain! My cat scratched me and I cried lol! - it was an accident).

It feels like someone is sometimes hammering on a nerve and some times its like I've been kicked down there - I've had this pain before but it's becoming regular now and more and more annoying as walking is an issue! I do currently have a UTI infection and I've had many but I don't know if it's due to this or due to the radiotherapy um going through as the "dot/tattoo" is in that area and I've had the pain 3 times in the last 2 weeks which is the same amount of radiotherapy I've had.

I also HATE taking pills and pain killers as I have enough in my system.

Anyone else had this? If so what did you do?

Hi Carmel,

Please don't apologise for posting on here, we'd all like to help. Sorry to hear you aren't getting as many responses as you would like in the advanced section :-( I think you need to hammer it home to your team at the hospital that you are suffereing and that you want it investigated regardless if they look at you like you have several heads. Can you go over their heads and speak with the department chief?

Be lucky :-)

Just wanted to send you a big hug, definitely go up the rank at the hospitAl until you get listened to. 


Thanks guys it's gone now! Weird....think it might of been a nerve or something!


Massive hugs back xx