Overwhelming emotions

Wow today it’s all hit me. I’m feeling guilty that I feel so emotional about having microinvasive cancer that fortunately got removed through lletz under general. I bled for two weeks after as consultant said he took a large amount away. I am now waiting radical hysterectomy. Pre op on 18th July. It’s all just hit me as I’ve kept this all to myself but today I finally told family and friends. I’ve just been in a daze with it all. Just want to reach out to all you lovely ladies and send everyone who’s going through anything and send a great big hug. X


@Pookey hey and welcome.

Everything you’ve wrote is completely normal and you are not alone. For what it’s worth I have my good and bad days. I’ve got CC and wanting on staging.

Attempted a normal day today but after about an hour out I felt overwhelmed and in a fair bit of pain.

Stay strong. We have this and before you know I you’ll be out the other side of your treatment plan.


Didn’t want to read and run.
The waiting is awful. Massive hugs.
Think the trouble is we try to carry on like normal when really we are crumbling inside. Xxx