Overwhelmed waiting for surgery

Firstly, thank you to all of you who post on here. This is my first time posting but I have been reading for a while and have found it so reassuring and helpful!

I’ve been diagnosed with 1a2 with CGIN and CIN3 following two LLETZ, the last being done under GA and they took a pretty large section away. I am scheduled to have an abdominal (open) radical tracalectomy including lymph nodes in around 3 weeks time (still waiting on exact date). I’m 40 with no children, but have 2 embryos ‘on ice’.

I thought I was handling myself ok, but am now getting so overwhelmed with talking, planning, worrying about the procedure (risk of hysterectomy there and then if deemed needed), results, recovery, reassuring family. I’m trying to prep so I am no burden on the family (partner and young dog, and parents who I plan to stay with for peace and quiet for a few days post op but they are of an age where I should be caring for them!!).

Any tips on how to better handle myself and stay calm would be greatly appreciated! I am trying self care, I have reflexology booked for Monday, but I feel like crawling into a cave until op day!

Hi lovely, I was just about to mention some relaxation tips but I see your post was from August…how are you feeling? Hope you’re well :heartpulse:

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Yes how are you doing ? I’m post op 12 days after having a full hysterectomy, the more I read on here the more it’s scaring me with what results are coming back! I’ve been wearing compression socks all this time (to all the questions why are you still wearing those!) I hope I’m doing the right thing?

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Thanks both for your replies! I’m three weeks post op today. I bottled up the emotions until the day before the operation when I had a bit of an explosion of tears, which was probably long overdue. I was more nervous than expected waiting to go in on d day, but found a lovely lady to chat to as a distraction. The hospital staff were brilliant in keeping me calm too.

Op went well, although it took the surgeon 5.5 hours (much longer than usual) as he found endometriosis which was not expected. I spent a full week in hospital and didn’t believe when they said I would feel a little better each day but it’s really true! Aside from the operation pain which is manageable (and walking like John Wayne!), the unexpected worse experience for me has been initially with the drain, and also getting my bowels back in gear. Lactulose is a game changer! I’m also on iron tablets as was borderline anaemic after the long op.

Still no results from the op, there is a massive delay with all pathology results at the Trust I am under. Trying not to think about it but hoping I’ll get these this week and fingers crossed I need no further treatment.

Still wearing the stockings, I’ve been told to wear these all the time for a month and keep my legs raised when sitting. I booked in for an appointment with my GP nurse who I saw today to check my scars and also check my upper thigh which has been giving me funny sensations (I am paranoid now of lymphoedema but all the medical professionals are telling me to relax about it). I’m guessing it may be nerve damage which may or may not go but the nurse wasn’t concerned and suggested we keep an eye on it.

Caz - hoping you too get your results soon and you get good news. The one thing I keep reminding myself is that whatever the result, CC is very treatable and there are lots more options. I’ve learned that from reading posts from the amazing ladies on this forum and my brilliant care team and consultant. One step at a time.

Sorry for the super long post but if sharing this helps anyone else I hope it is worth it. There is loads more I could add so feel free to ask any questions if it will give you peace of mind.

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