Overactive Bladder

Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone else has an overactive bladder since radiotherapy and if so what you do to help it.

I’m getting up ever 2-3 hours in the night needing a wee, last night it was 4 times and it’s making me so tired. At 2 years post treatment I was hoping it would’ve improved by now but it hasn’t.

Thanks so much in advance and lots of love xxx

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If you haven’t already go see a urologist. It sounds like radiation cystitis, I was diagnosed with it after a cystoscopy. I stay away from drinking anything other than water on most days. I got radiation cystitis pretty early on , I had it during the end of treatments really bad then it tamed down, then came back strong at about 7 months post treatment. They offer pills which I never tried, I just try to monitor it myself as best as possible. Not sitting down consistently for too long , only sticking to water and such. I finished 50 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments in October, it helped a pinch but I feel like they are wearing off already & I can feel the symptoms coming back more often again. Definitely get into to see the urologist, they say the sooner the better for radiation cystitis.

Also a heating pad helps, just had to use on last night because my bladder was acting up.

Yes mine is a nightmare.Im up all night peeing! I also leak if my bladders full and i cant get to the toilet quick enough.I wear sanitary towels every day :pensive: xx