Over the phone results?

I finally got a call from my doctor. They said that I needed to make an appointment to “go over my results and treatment options”. Is this normal? I figured if they just needed to do LEEP or LLETZ they would just have me schedule the appointment for that? I’m just really freaked out that this is more serious now since they wouldn’t tell me anything over the phone.

I didnt get a phone call but I got a letter with another appointment & also said they have my loop/biopsy results & to come in for "further management" in 11 days! Thats still next Tuesday 7th June. So Im scared too. I have heard from other ladies on here it could be further treatment like another loop or if it is CC then hopefully early stages! They wont say any results over the phone. It could be a number of things - more treatment, CGIN which is further up, to go over results & what else you might need. Sorry I cant offer much advice but Im in the same boat as a lot of people are. Hope it goes all ok. Xx