Over the finish line

It feels like forever since treatment started but in reality it's only weeks ago. At the time the end seemed like an age away but on Tuesday I got to the finish line. I wish I had saved ringing the end of radiotherapy bell until after the brachy now to mark the complete finish.

It's weird not having to to be somewhere daily and not having yet another appointment to get to.

The MRI before brachy showed that the tumour had responded well to treatment, very little showed up and hopefully the brachy has kicked what was left into touch. So now it's fingers crossed and try to chill until the next scan. 

Good luck to those of you starting your treatment soon.  To those almost done congratulations and well done.

Stay strong and be positive..... It really does help xx


Well done Erin, it will be weird at first make sure you treat yourself to some fun things to do to celebrate gettimg over the finish line xxxx

Bravo Erin!

Yup, you'll have to find some lovely ways to occupy yourself until you get used to having your freedom back :-)

Be lucky :-)

Congrats hon :) 

Well done Erin. I remember your first posts, so glad to hear you are through treatment now. Big hugs x x

well done Erin so pleased for u!!



Well done Erin getting through your treatment.  I'm in the same position as you just now, waiting for an appointment for a further scan & check up to find out how I have responded to the treatments.  Concentrate on your recovery & getting your physical strength back again,

Best wishes & stay positive,

Feisty xx

The thought of you finishing your treatment made me smile and gives me hope! 

Congratulations & well done x