Over healing

I was diagnosed last October with 1b1 cc and had a radical hysterectomy in November. I would say my recovery was good and I went back to work in January. I had my first follow up with a new consultant at the end of Feb and had an examination. There was some bleeding and I have been experiencing some period like cramps in my left pelvic region, back and leg aching. She said it was "over healing " and that I should have a biopsy. I am not overly concerned but have not idea what over healing is, does it stop, or go away? Does anyone have experience of this and what happens next?

Many thanks
Deb xx

I think you might have what I have which is granulated tissue, fairly common from what I gather and my consultant has done a smear and has said if not gone in couple of months he will use silver nitrate on it to get rid of it. Bit annoying just want to move on from having bits messed with down there but have to get on with it don't we. Xx

Thanks Sarah, yes, I know what you mean, I hoped the days of poking about had finished. But at least I have an idea of what this over healing is now. 



Or possibly adhesions?