Ovary failure


I'm 3.5 years post radical hysterectomy during which I opted to have my ovaries moved up into my abdomen in case I needed any radiotherapy.

In October last year I was hospitalised with a ruptured ovarian cyst (non cancerous). Ever since I've had hot flushes so went onto the pill which really helped but was only a temporary measure at the time.

In march I requested blood tests as the hot flushes were back and the results show I'm in a post menopausal state. I just want to know of anyone in a similar situation, did you get a test a few weeks after? I'm not sure if the pill is still in my system but have been told it could be temporary, but deep down I know it's menopause. What happens next? so far I've just been told to take the pill again and that's it- feel a little lost and completely fed up!

many thanks