Ovarian Transpotion and Fertility

I dont even know where to begin with this - I had a radical hysterectomy and my ovaries moved out of my pelvis to attempt to preserve my fertility - the op was successful and margin clear no further treatment needed. 

Before my op I saw a fertility consultant but I came out feeling deflated after discussing surrogacy - i have researched a lot on surrogacy and I'm aware it is going to be an expensive process

The fertility consultant couldn't confirm whether there is funding for egg harvesting following fertility preserving operations as funding for IVF is currently being cut. 

At the end of the day money is money but has anyone gone through the process of having their eggs harvested following ovarian transposition? 

From what I was told the method of actually obtaining the eggs is different to usual IVF methods which I'm worried would result in even greater costs... I have a follow up appointment in January and I'll request another appointment with the fertility consultant but some examples of experiences would be great :) 


i seem to be in a similar situation to you. I had my ovaries transposed to save my fertility and although I went into temporary menopause for a few months they have been working fine for about two years now. I’m at the point where I’m looking into my options to have another child (I have a little bit pre cancer). I saw a fertility specialist recently who is going to do some blood tests to check my egg reserve to see if IVF is an option for me. Are you in the UK? He said that it’s between 6 and 7 grand for IVF for about a 30% chance of success rate but that’s do standard IVF. Because my ovaries are in a different place it is far more complex and therefore would cost more.. great! He didn’t even know of any local hospitals who would do it and suggested I get in touch with a london hospital for a quote. I’ve heard though that ivf and surrogacy costs in total about 20k! Unless you have any family members or friends who would volunteer? Depending on what area you live in you should be able to get IVF if you do not already have a child. If you get turned down you can appeal on the grounds that you have lost your fertility due to cancer. It sucks doesnt it! You never think you would have to go through all of this to have a child which to most people is the most uncomplicated thing to do! I hope you get some answers, if I get any I will let you know. It’s good to find someone in a similar position, every doctor I have seen has said how rare I am to have had an ovary transposition and still want to have more children.. doesn’t make you feel great does it! 



I am in a similar situation to you too, I’m just about to write a new post on here so interested in any updates people can provide, thank you :-) 


I am about to do an ovarian transposition and was wondering if was worth it and or successful?