Ovarian Freezing and Menopause

My 27 year old daughter Kirsty was diagnosed with stage 2B cervical cancer in May 2019.

After scouring the Internet and reading stories on here we quickly realised the impact and real possibility that Kirsty will go into an early menopause after she receives Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Brachytherapy! Not only has she been told she will never carry her own baby, (Kirsty doesn't have any children) she will experience all the poor health implications of an early menopause! So.... 

We found the following options are available :freezing Ovarian Tissue


Our story is a long and complicated one, but the long and short of it is that this treatment is not currently available on the NHS so we had to pay. 

We want to highlight to other young women and pre-pubestant girls that this is available if you chose to research it more thoroughly and take into consideration. 

Kirsty's local consultants didn't have a clue it was available and appeared totally disinterested in helping her to get this treatment! 

We need to campaign to get this available on the NHS and free for everyone 

(south wales) 

Thank You for posting the information.   I hope that it will help some of the ladies on this site be aware what is available.

Good Luck to your daughter Kirsty X    Hope all goes well X

Thanks for the post as this is a heartbreaking situation to have to deal with on top of cancer treatment. Your love for your daughter shines through and this information will no doubt help others.

I wish your daughter all the the best. Thanks for the information 

09.05.19 smear

12.06.19 Colposcopy and LETZ -told likely cancer

25.06.19 cc confirmed

30.06.19 CT scan

02.07.19 MRI

05.07.19 EUA - into perimetrium

10.07.19 PET scan

16.07.19 staging 2B clinically/ 1B1 radiologically. Treatment to be decided- RH or chemprads

16.08.19 RH booked