Ovarian cysts



i had a radical hysterectomy 10 years ago for 1b1. 

I am currently getting all the symptoms of ovarian ctats/cancer and I’m terrified

I had an ultrasound today and he wouldn’t say anything just that I must ring by the end of the week if I haven’t heard from a consultant

has anyone else suffered from cysts?

hope someone can help 

Hi there

Well congratualtions on being 10 years clear.  I suppose the radiographer can not give you results / tell you the findings of your ulta sound as i dont think its there job and should come from the refferer or consultant / doctor you are under.  Please try to not read  to much in to what was said.

Cysts can be  very common and sometimes they can be left and sometimes they have to be removed for various reasons  .

Cervical cancer recurrence to the ovary is very rare , Unfortunaley it now a waiting game for your results and we all know thats the difficult part. 

The good thing is you have been 10 years clear so as hard as it is try to stay positive , dont try to interprete what was said other than you need to contact the consultant at the end f the week.  It might just of been standard comment they make to everyone.

I hope you get good news. 

Greeni xx