Ovarian cyst

Hello everyone

Has anyone else on here ever had an ovarian cyst? I've just found out that I have one! I didn't know it was there and it isn't really causing any symptoms but now it's being monitored.



Yes I have had quite a few. I get a lot of lower back pain with them and they usually burst. Had one last month which was very painful, lower right back (it was in my right ovary) and general pelvic pain. Had two scans, one showed it then the following week with the transvaginal scan to check it it had burst and disappeared.

They can make you feel quite nauseous too.

They appear around period time.

Can be a real arse but I'm having a hysterectomy next month so no more cysts but bring on the menopause yay (said no woman ever) haha

Much love 

M xx

Hi Madamex thanks for the reply. I had no symptoms really; they just found it when I had a transvaginal scan to investigate a post menopausal bleed. They think the bleed is probably to do with the oestrogen hrt I'm using. Am due another scan in 4 months to make sure it hasn't got bigger. I think they sometimes remove them when you're my age if they don't go away on their own. Thanks again for the reply.



Just seen your reply, apologies.

Ive seen your recent update too so great news!

I'm going to have hysterectomy tomorrow! 

This crazy journey eh!! 


Hi Madamex

Hope the hysterectomy has gone according to plan and that you are making a good recovery

Thank you for your message