Ovarian cyst

Hello Ladies…

I last updated you guys and I had real bad pain in my left hand side. The pain has. Ow fine and today I had a scan which revealed a 4.3mm hemorragic cyst on my right ovary.
I have to go back in 4-6 weeks to make sure is shrinking.

I won’t google but have I got anything to worry about?
Anyone with previous experience with these rules of cyst?

Take it easy xx
Michelle xx

Hi Michelle, sorry no experience of this, but just wanted to wish you well. At least you now know what it is, and hopefully it should all settle down. 

Hi Michelle,

I had exactly the same last summer, I was in SO much pain and was admitted to A&E twice. The second time they scanned me and I had a 5cm hemorragic cyst on my right ovary too.

Like you I had a repeat scan booked but during that time the cyst resolved itself...it was a really strong paid across my whole abdomen but after that I was absolutely fine and haven't had issues since. I went for my repeat scan and it had disappeared.

It's nothing to worry about in relation to cancer. It's bloody painful and annoying but they should go away, and even if they don't they can do some keyhole surgery to remove them. Sometimes they just disappear with your cycle.

Good luck and I hope it heals soon and never returns! xx