Outlook after CIN2 removal with LLETZ?

I went in for a colposcopy today after my smear in February showed "mild to moderate dyskaryosis". I'm 25. I had a normal smear at 22 (routine smear testing used to start earlier in Scotland, I was actually two years late for the first one!).

The consultant said there was only one little spot on my cervix which looked suspicious. He said it definitely wasn't severe... but definitely wasn't mild either. I assume this was CIN2? He offered me either a biopsy or a LLETZ and said either would be an acceptable choice at this stage - but said he reckoned that I would probably need a LLETZ in the future if I didn't have one today. I chose the LLETZ.

Does anyone have any statistics etc on what the general outlook is for ladies who have had a CIN2 removal with LLETZ?

Feeling surprisingly exhausted after the procedure today, just looking for a little bit of info for clarity to calm me down. Thanks!