Out of the blue text to say I’d been booked in for a Colposcopy


I guess I’m just here to ask for some advice. I received a text from the hospital to say I’d been referred for a Colposcopy, however, I haven’t had the smear results and my doctor hasn’t either. I felt sick, how could I get an appointment like this without being told what it was for?! The appointment is booked within the two week pathway which frightens me. I did finally manage to get hold of the Colposcopy unit and they said I had HPV (which I had last year) and abnormal cells (which I didn’t have last year) that needed looking at, they said that they get the results of the smear straight from the lab so that’s why I’ve received the appointment before the results letter. Today, I received the appointment letter, but still no actual information about what they found in my smear - has anyone else had things happen this way round?

Do I prepare myself for having LLETZ? Will I be able to drive home afterwards? I feel like I have a thousand questions whirling around in my head, and no one to ask as my GP is none the wiser!

Thank you for reading. x

Hi and welcome

They might take some biopsies when you are there and possibly do the LLETZ. You should be ok to drive home but if possible I’d go with someone as its always nice to have some support.
Hope it all goes well :crossed_fingers:

Liggy x

Thanks so much for your reply. I really appreciate it! x

@luna hello and welcome.
I’m in the same boat.
Got a letter last Monday inviting me for colposcopy on 05/10. Hadn’t had results of smear. Called doctor, next day - no record of results.
Couple of days later letter arrived from dr which mentioned high risk HPV and changes in cells. Have been getting smears since early 20s and never had any issues before.
Letter from hospital mentions LOOP treatment could be done on 05/10 if needed. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Also bit concerned about the quick turnaround as within the “2 week pathway”. I’m reassured that last smear was clear and these things usually take a long time to develop xx

Oh I’m so glad I’m not the only one, thank you for replying, please do let me know how you get on on the 5th - that’s my birthday! It’s really hard not to worry, but at the same time, we also have nothing to worry about without more info, so stay positive. Mine is on the 10th so I’ll keep you posted. Best of luck. x

Hi Launa. I had same thing. Letter straight from coloscopy unit after smear test saying booked in for coloscopy. I have had hpv for past 3 yearly smear tests but no cell changes accordingly to the letter that i received. Then doctors letter turned up and said hpv plus cell changes. Was totally confused. Appointment came through within week which panicked me to. Ruined holiday worrying. At coloscopy doc said not happy. 4 biopsies and refered to abdominal scan. Terrified by now. Scan appointment came thro via phone call in 3 days. Thinking worse by now. Couldnt eat,sleep im 64 so thinking worse. Scan was internal and painful but great staff. 8 long frightening week wait for results but nothing. Rang hospital with shakey hands,was told letter prob lost in post but all clear and just back to smear test yearly. Mixed emotions at moment but relieved . Still have hpv so confused. Hope all goes well for you. Try not to worry to much because it made me ill.


Hi Luna, unfortunately it is very common to get a call from colposcopy prior to receiving results - the same thing happened to me. Talk about a shock! I had barely even heard of HPV never mind all the rest. It’s standard practice to be seen within 2 weeks after the results are received by the colposcopy clinic - it definitely doesn’t mean the worst though. I went to the appointment on my own, and had a LLETZ there and then. Hand on heart, I never felt one thing and it was over within minutes. The consultant and nurses were really good (expect a number of nurses/students in the room with you). I drive home without any physical issues whatsoever. But I was definitely shocked and emotional after hearing that I had CGIN. Many weeks later I got the results from the LLETZ/biopsy and all abnormal cells have been successfully removed. I will be checked again (test of cure) in 6
Months time. If I had to have a LLETZ again, I wouldn’t be worried at all about the procedure itself. Hope this helps and a big good luck x

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Getting ready for my colposcopy at 9.50am. Oddly calm. Have been very busy with work and two my kids. Slept reasonably well last night.
Got the attitude today of “what will be will be”. I have a number of things that make me “higher risk” but I’ve been getting regular smear checks for almost 20 years.
Main concern - my ex husband is driving me to appointment haha. That will be fun! Honestly need to look for the humour at times like this xxx

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Good luck hope all goes well
And yes definitely have to keep your sense of humour

Ligggy :grin:

Good luck Lucy, and remember the doctor/nurses are doing these procedures day in and day out, they are experts! Fair play to your ex for helping you out, if nothing else the situation will take your mind off things for a while!
Take care x

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Appointment done. Was seen quickly.
They explained I have high risk HPV and the smear had picked up CIN3 cells. Had a chat with one doctor then went to another room for the LOOP/LETZ
All done very quickly. They let me see my cervix and the offending cells on the screen.
No pain at all. Chatted with the nurse the whole time about utter nonsense.
If there’s clear margins and nothing more than CIN3 in the sample they took I’ll get a letter to confirm and a smear in 6 months.
If anything’s picked up from the sample they’ll get back in touch. They said I should hear in 3-4 weeks. Going to put it to the back of my mind and hope the LETZ after effects are okay!
Thanks everyone I’m here for being so kind and supportive xxx


So pleased it went ok and let’s hope you get a good result

Liggy x

Thanks for letting us know, glad it all went okay for you. x

@Luna happy birthday!
I hope your appointment goes well. I did a lot of reading on this forum / site before I went in and it really helped me be better prepared for what would happen and why xx

Thank you for sharing. I just had a LEEP Tuesday the 4th and am of course worried. I have no idea how long it will take to get the results. I’m definitely worried. This is going into my third year with high risk HPV and showing abnormal cells. This is my first LEEP so have no idea what happens next. Is it the scan next? Praying for good results like you had! Start healthy and many blessings to you!

Hope you get good news

I had good day out at Great Yarmouth yesterday before I start Radio and chemotherapy hopefully in a couple of weeks don’t know when I’ll feel like doing anything after. So making the best while I can

Liggy x

Yes, easier said than done but try not to panic. The order of things doesnt mean anything and the letters give very little information. I received a phone call for some reason, before i received a letter or my results just telling me i needed to go in for a colposcopy. They couldnt give me any information on the phone and i had a meltdown. I then received a letter a couple of days later saying i had high grade dyskaryosis (high grade abnormal cells) so of course i am even more panicked. They have to see you within the 2 weeks, thats standard snd they have their targets to meet so dont panic about that either. The fact you had no abnormal cells last year is good :slight_smile: you may have low grade or high grade now, if high grade they will just remove them which they did for me. That was 7 years ago. Xx

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Ah just noticed yesterday was your appt. Hope all went ok x

Thanks ladies, I appreciate all your replies! My appointment was supposed to be today but I started my period last night, so I rang the hospital and they’ve said best to reschedule, it’s literally all I’ve thought about for two weeks, now I have to wait another two for the Colposcopy. I’ll probably have read every single post by then! :sob: x

Oh that sounds lovely! I’ve never been to Great Yarmouth, I do love Norfolk though! Do keep up posted about your upcoming treatment! Wishing you all the best. x