Out of Hospital

Hi All,

Out of hospital today following a hysterectomy on 8.6.15. I'm VERY sore but hopefly on the mend.

Hope you're all well.

Clare xxx


Glad all went well and you're home. Take things easy, I'm sure you'll be sore for a while yet.

Hugs (gentle ones!)

Rachel x

Hi Clare

Good to hear you are home.  Be kind to yourself and let others wait on you for a while.  Slow and steady for a good recovery and don't push yourself in these early days. 



Hi Clare,

How time flies! Congratulations. Take it really easy, you are going to be tired as well as sore, sleeping and reading and being waited on hand and foot is the order of the day. Don't lift anything heavier than a wine glass ;-)

Be lucky :-)



Awww thanks Ladies!

Tivoli that made me laugh out loud & hurt my wound! Lol xxx

Sorry :-(