Other's having Painful Sex after Colposcopy w/biopsy?

I had a colposcopy 4 weeks ago, which included 6 biopsies. My results came out totally normal. I was told to wait to have sex for just 24 hours. Following the procedure, I had sex once (the next day) and it was OK. I also experienced cramping (like a period) for a full week, followed by a foul odor. Beginning one week after the procedure, I was completely unable to have sex with my husband, due to unbearable pain in entry (like he’s putting in a knife!) . I went back to my doctor who said that I have no signs of infection, no inflammation, and that the painful sex has NOTHING to do with the colposcopy and she told me I am suddenly dry inside and these are signs of menopause. I then told her I am not in the middle of menopause since I still have a period every 28 days, but she gave me estrogen suppositories to try to moisten the dry area she found in my exam and handed me kleenex and sent me on my way. I have never had painful intercourse before (in my life) the colposcopy/biopsy procedure. Logic tells me that the painful sex I am suddenly experiencing, is directly related to the colposcopy. I want to know if others have had this same experience? I have been also trying to find out if the iodine or acetic acid used inside the vagina during the colposcopy, could have caused me to dry out inside. All feedback is welcomed!

Hi there I had only 2 biopsys done and was told no sex for at least 10 days. And I was quite raw for about a week from the acid like it had made my insides raw. 6 biopsys is quite a lot. I had a lletz and was told no Sex for 6 week. I haven't attempted sex yet but have read a few times it can be painful or some bleed ect.. For quite a while after, I'm absolutely terrified and may just become a nun, haha. 

I had a cervical biopsy and having sex 10 days later was really painful! Is this normal??