Other treatment options to keep womb - anyone heard of a Cyber Knife?

Hi all… I wondered if anyone might be able to help me. After being told it’s likely that I will need to have a hysterectomy then chemo/radiotherapy I can’t accept this news. I was hoping for a Tracalechtomy but it seems the cancer has gone beyond this option.
I am desperate to have my own child, I know there are other options of surrogacy or adoption etc but for me it’s just not the same and I feel devastated.
I wondered if anyone has had or heard of any other forms of treatment to keep their womb.
I have read up on something called a cyber knife - anyone heard of this?
If you could direct me at all I would really appreciate it. I might be in denial but I need to fight this and if there are absolutely any other options I want to at least say I tried - I don’t want to have any regrets after they have taken away my fertility.
Any help that anyone could offer I would really appreciate
Best regards,

Hi Leanne,

I've just been reading up about the Cyberknife for you. It seems as though this is the equivalent of brachytherapy for inaccessible internal organs.

The CyberKnife Centre at the Harley Street Clinic in London was the first in the UK to offer this treatment performed by Professor Christopher Nutting in 2009. The Freemasons in London, UK, have paid for a CyberKnife to be placed in Barts Hospital, and it is available to all on the National Health Service. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham have recently bought a CyberKnife, the first NHS hospital outside of London to acquire one. The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust has a CyberKnife at their Chelsea, London site.

Hope this helps :-)
Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tivoli. I will discuss this on Tues.

Do you (or anyone) know of any other options which means you can keep your womb? I would ideally like to find something even if it is a trial to present to my consultant on Tuesday. I can't quite accept the thought of being infertile just yet xx



Please take a look at our website it maybe of use


I've heard that it has been used for non-invasive lung, brain, prostate and liver cancer treatment