Other things found on MRI



I guess I'm just looking for a little reassurance.


When I had my original MRI in December something was seen on my spine. At the time the consultant wasn't unduly worried about it but wanted a more up close and personal MRI on my spine to be repeated.


I've just had a call from my Macmillan Nurse who says that there definately is something on my spine, but it is not showing 'cancerous features' but they don't really know what it is. They want to repeat the MRI in 6 months. Joy - I hate MRI's (Doesn't everyone!)


Has anyone else had something else 'found' during an MRI that needed further investigation. I was really hoping to put a full stop on the spine issue!


Thanks in advance



Hi Julia,

I feel for you.Having something else to worry about is not what you need.

Do you feel unwell?Maybe they can do the next MRI earlier.

Sorry I can't help.


Becky x



Hi Julia My story is different but I hope it will reassure you. I had my op in Jan 2013, no further probs. Had a routine MRI in February this year, one year after my op. It came back showing lesions on the liver 'highly suspicious of metastasis' An ultrasound confirmed the cancer was back and there was very little they could do but chemo was recommended. I was devastated.. I was an unusual case as they couldn't find anything elsewhere. To cut a long and painful story short after a ct scan, 2 liver biopsies and a pet/ct scan no evidence of cancer was detected and the lesions were confirmed as benign. I went from terminally ill to all clear! It was horrendous and I hope never to repeat those weeks but I hope my story gives you reassurance that things detected on the MRI can be ok! I'll be very closely monitored for a while but that's ok with me. Try not to worry too much and take care xx