Opting for Hysterectomy over Trachecletomy

Hi all,

This is my fist post. I've been diagnosed with small adenocarcenoma at age 26. I have never wanted children, I don't now, and I don't imagine I ever will.

Due to this I've decided I would rather have a hysterectomy, as the risks attached to the trachlecetomy (however you spell it!) should I accidentally get pregnant seem too hefty for someone who doesn't want children.

However, I am aware that many women change their minds and I am still young. I'm wondering if anyone has made this decision and what experience or advice they have to offer?

Thanks for reading. Any response is very welcome/





Hi. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

i had a hysterectomy aged 42. Already had a 12 year old and didn't want more. However the fact that I can't have anymore does play on my mind. I also have 2 different friends who have had to undergo IVF because their partners had the snip in a previous relationship and the reversal was unsuccesful. So those men changed their minds about more children (both second marriages) I don't know how sure you are that you don't want children but you are still young and your ideas may change. Having the option available would be my choice at your age, but then again I always knew, even at that age, I wanted kids one day. You will make the right choice for you. Good luck. 

Hi Isobel

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

I am not qualified at all to walk your shoes, however I would think really seriously before you commit to the hysterectomy. As 365 days very wisely says, you don't know how you may feel in the future, and also it is some pretty major abdominal surgery, with all sorts of potential complications, including early menopause and potential bowel/bladder complications. If you have the option of a less invasive treatment I would defo use that as my first port of call. If you did happen to fall pregnant I believe it is only 'risky' towards the end, in that they have to go to extra measures to keep the baby in, and I think you have to have a Caesarian birth (may be making that bit up but I think I read it somewhere and it kind of makes sense..) 

Big hugs to you, good luck with your decision


Hi Isobel

I agonised over this decision when I had the choice a couple of years ago. Everyone is different but I made my decision by gathering as much information/medical opinion I could from my consultant and then weighing things up. I found it helpful to know things like risk of recurrence with each op, likelihood of complications, chances of conceiving etc. and where my consultant was unable to give me an answer based on statistics I pushed him for his opinion. 

Best of luck with making your decision; I know it is not an easy one, and I wish you the best for whichever treatment plan you decide on.

Lou x

Hi Lou,


If you don't mind telling me, which dod you opt for and why? And do you feel you made the right decision in hindsight?