opinions please

Hi i have just joined this today as i am going out of my mind with worry and am looking for advice or to see if anyone else has had a similar experience... in 2008 i had CIN3 and had 2lots of loop treatment which removed all the cells. My 6monthly smears and colposcopys were all clear until my last one in september 2014 which showed changes again. I was told i had to wait 6months for another smear which will be this month some time but i have been bleeding most of the time and in constant pain in my pelvis, lower back and top of legs, when im not bleeding i have dark brown discharge. I had a coil inserted after having my baby in may 2014 but my periods were so heavy i couldnt even go to work so had it removed 2 weeks ago. Has any one had these symptoms and should i be worried? 


Any advise would be great. 

Thanks xxx

Hi Elena,

I've just seen your post. I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. You mentioned your smear is due, have you made your appointment for it? You don't have to wait until you recieve the reminder, if you know you're due you're can just go ahead and make the appointment.

I wonder if the bleeding has started easing since you stopped taking the coil? I have a friend who bled a lot on the coil.

If you're still bleeding, you might want to see your GP and ask to be referred to a gynae just to get everything looked at. There can be lots of reasons for bleeding (not all are serious), and important to be seen by the right people to things looked at properly. 

I wish you all the best.