Operation scheduled 31st Dec

Well the day is nearly here and i cant explain the feelings i have at the moment, i am scared, worried but more importantly i feel very protective of my family and dont want them to have to watch me go through this horrific time.
I was diagnosed with Stage 1B2 cancer on the 19th November and since then everything has been building to this date.

The hospital have been brilliant and have told me what to expect which i guess is where the worried and scared feelings come from.

So off i go on the 31st December at 7am and i guess my life will never be the same again following the radical hysterectomy that takes place.

I have asked my family to not come to see me on the 31st as i have been told i wont really know much about what is going on and i dont want them to see me like that…

From your own experiences, what can i expect and when will i start to feel relatively normal again…well as normal as you can?

Hi Nicky. Sorry you've found yourself here but you've definitely come to the right place for support and advice. I was diagnosed in the summer with cc and had a radical hysterectomy and lymphandectomy on 19 November. I also had my ovaries removed. Playing the waiting game is far worse than the operation itself. no two people have the same experience but I found the operation not to be anyway near as bad as I had anticipated. The wind pain from the gas they put into you is quite unpleasant and I would recommend peppermint tea to help with this. Baggy clothes are also a must. When going home take a pillow to protect you from the seat belt. I think the fear of the unknown makes things feel worse than they are.  constipation is another side effect. the morphine pump you are given straight after the op and painkillers such as codeine add to this so another piece of advice is drink plenty of water.  the morphine was removed the following morning after op and I then had oral painkillers as and when required. I found once at home the need for painkillers to be minimal but everyone has different experiences.

I didn't see my children the day of the op (luckily it was a school day) but was able to see them from the following day. I was lucky to only have a catheter in for 24 hours but usually they are left in longer. I do however have a pre-existing bladder problem. I am six weeks post op on Thursday and life is almost back to normal. I haven't been able to return to the gym yet but am anticipating returning in the New Year once kids are back at school.

Accept every bit of help offered. You will be very tired so rest as and when you need to.

Any more questions please ask away but Good Luck for 31st.

love n hugs



I’m 10 days post radical hystermectomy plus lymph nodes and 1 overie oh and appendix was taken out as well.
Today I feel great :slight_smile: the wind pain was by far the worst and then the not being able to wee very well which iv still got now but I only had the catheter taken out yesterday so my bladder is learning to work again.
My brother come down and saw me the evening off the op and I was fine and well with it, stayed 2 nights then went home. The first week is the worst then it really does get better, like I say today is 10 days after and I cleaned the bathroom, done the dishes, went to tesco with help and cooked etc, I’m trying not to over do it as I feel so well. Honestly the lead up is the worst part.
Big hug

Hi Nicky

I had my radical hysterectomy 8 days ago and feeling almost normal. My op was quite late in the day so by the time I got back to the ward i it was past visiting hours. After waking up I was in no pain, I didn't have morphine but was given a spinal block whilst I was under which helped with the pain. Within an hour of being on the ward I was up and out of bed, but did have some sickness from low blood pressure. I was comfortable(ish) all night and even laid on my side for a while! 

The next day I was eating and drinking normally. My family visited and said I looked well, I was on no pain relief except paracetamol, ibuprofen and windeze (that wind is a killer!) and I was up and walking around fairly well. My catheter was removed less then 12hrs after the op and dispite finding weeing very difficult, I was able to empty my bladder. 

I got to go home that day and although I felt rough by the evening, each morning I woke up I felt a million times better then the night before. 

It's actually pretty hard to believe I had major surgery last week! 

all the best for your surgery. Will be thinking of you xx 

You be careful not to go overdoing it Jo! No lifting anything heavier than a glass of wine!