Operation pouch


I had a Trachelectomy in April last year, it was carried out via a bikini cut.
Just wondered if anyone has any tips to get rid of the ‘pouch’ i have above my scar.


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Do you have any ideas why you have a pouch above your scar? Assuming you had pelvic nodes removed, might the pouch be associated with lymphoedema? If so some sort of compression garment should help; best to seek advice from a lymphoedema specialist via a referral from your GP.

My treatment left me with lymphoedema and I have some swelling on my mons pubis - I could imagine if I’d had a bikini cut (my surgery was keyhole) then a pouch might develop above the area of swelling. Hope that makes sense.

Not sure if this helpful? I tend to call out possible lymphoedema issues just in case. Hopefully others will have some suggestions.


I had a bikini line abdominal radical hysterectomy in January and I now have what I call ‘my pooch’ above the scar line.

Basically a roll of flab that I’ve always had but that now looks a lot more obvious!

I’ve always had an extra pound or two but I was able to hold everything in so I had a flatter silhouette. But now, even though I can now draw my muscles in again without pain, that roll above my scar won’t come in at all.

I asked my MacMillan nurse about it at my 8 week post op check up. She explained that although they try hard to limit the damage, it’s a big op and there would be some damage to the muscles and tissues in the area. She couldn’t say whether I’d get the same control back and whether my pooch would ever go though.

I plan on doing some suitable ab related exercises in the future with the hope it might become less noticeable. I’ve also bought some bigger hold me in pants (£5 a pair in Primark) to help with any outfits that I feel more self conscious in. And I’m using bio oil on the scar itself so hopefully that’ll fade well over time.

So I don’t have tried and tested tips at the moment, but just wanted to say I can understand some of the feelings around a post op body X


Thanks for your reply.
I have spoken to my consultant about it and she says its normal to have after open surgery and it may go it may not.
I was just hoping a year later it wouldnt be there anymore, my family say its not noticable in clothing but i can see it, think they are just being nice lol.

Thanks for your reply, i will definitely go to primark and invest in some suck in pants lol.
My consulatant said the same, i was just hoping after a year it wouldnt be there.

I have tried looking online for some exercise tips to help this but dont really get much.

I hope you are recovering well :heart: xx

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Thank you. Touch wood, my recovery is all going really well. Hope your recovery has been good too.

I understand your disappointment that it’s still there. And I appreciate that other people saying it isn’t doesn’t really make you feel better about it. People keep telling me not to worry about it when I mention it, but it bothers me.

The pants have made a difference though when I’ve had to wear proper clothes and not just expandable items. They’ve given support as well as smoothing. It doesn’t help what I see in the mirror but they did give me a bit of confidence back. X

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Such a shame after surgery to be left with a ‘roll’. My mother had an open hysterectomy over 30 years ago and has this, but I thought techniques would be more careful now. :cry: I’ve often wondered whether a little liposuction would have removed the fatty ‘pouch’ for her - she wouldn’t consider such a thing, of course, (she’s 90 now) but it is quite commonplace now-a-days.

I am 8 months post op where I had the same op and I also have the same issue! I feel swollen all the time it is so frustrating. I have always been lucky and had a flat tummy so now it is swollen I am so aware of it and it is uncomfortable at times.
I don’t have any advice I’m sorry, but it is comforting to know that it’s not just me and thought it might be nice to know you’re not alone with the frustration!

Im sorry you are going through the same issue, i know what you mean though… its comforting knowing im not alone and it does seem like a common issue after this type of surgery.

I also get some pains/uncomfortable feelings every now and then and because of these i havent wanted to do some exercises to see if thay helps incase i harmed the recovery in anyway. They have calmed down quite abit though in the past couple of months so maybe i will start looking into this.