Operation date loop excison

D day today had my.operation for removal of the abnormal cells.

It actually went ok went in at 12pm was seen by lovely nurses who took details etc, then the anthestic nurse came round to explain the general aesthetic procedure and then the consultant came and answered any questions I had and explained the operation to me.

I went down to theatre at 14.15 that proberley was the only downfall as hadn't eaten since 06.15 this morning so was very hungry and thirsty.

Once I woke up on recovery ward I was seen straight away by the nurse who checked me over gave me water and then I was wheeled back to the ward where I was looked after and given food and drink.

I was discharged about 17.30 and now resting back home.

I still feel ok abit achey and I did have pains in my side's like a stitch but put that down to eating after such a long time.

I'm to have another smear in 6 months time and my results should be due around 2-3 weeks.

Will keep you all updated :) xxx

Yearly smears for 3 years 

Last smear 20th March 2018 

Results received 23rd April 2018 - high grade dyskaryosis 

17th May 2018 - colposcopy appointment (biopsy taken) 

Results received 4th June 2018 - CIN 1&2 ungraded and to be treated with LLETZ in hospital 

7th August 2018 first suitable appointment for LLETZ (Large Loop Excision ) 

Awaiting results and follow up smear in 6 months


Friday after the operation on Tuesday and feeling sick and dizzy is this normal?

I'm still not bleeding just discharge and pains in my vagina like I've been kicked :( 


I started to feel really crampy yesterday, a week after my LLETZ :( Period finished and now I've just got discharge. Feeling pretty sick and sorry for myself so gonna stay in bed and relax today. I think it's all normal but it doesn't make feeling crap any easier.

Hope you feel better.

Thank you for your reply.

Yeah it's not good as you feel different symptoms and start to worry.

I've been getting cramps in my legs at night and back during the day. I'm just taking normal pain killers and hopefully soon will start to feel abit normal again :( 

I haven't had any bleeding yet as my consultant advised me to take my second pill packet and not have my 7 day break as was so close to the operation ( plus we want to when completely healed try for a baby)

I'm assuming when I end this packet my period will be horrendous.

How you feeling now?

Hope ypur getting abit better take care x


Feeling much better thank you :) Managed some exercise yesterday! X

Did anyone have problems with interourrse after their op?

It's really painful for me I can't complete it :(