Onto the next step!

Hello, everyone!

I had my follow up appointment this morning after having my biopsy done. Results show CIN2 which is what he was thinking would show up after he had a look during my colposcopy. My appointment today was simply to go over the test results so he could explain the findings. Even though I saw my lab report before today, I was still so nervous that maybe it showed something sinister than I didn’t understand in the terminology.

He told me the biopsy showed exactly as he expected, CIN2. He also said that the biopsy he took from the cervical canal came back clear and negative of any changes which he was pleased with. He said with the location and grade of my changes he has no doubt after the LEEP I’ll be good to go. So I go back on the 27th of this month for a pre-op type of appointment as he likes to do LEEP under GA (via an IV as you would have when getting your wisdom teeth removed, etc). He said it’s more more comfortable this way and less stressful for me as I’ll be asleep while he’s removing the cells.

I feel confident and positive after speaking with him and discussing everything. But partly nervous also bc I’ve never had any type of anesthesia at all. As a person with health anxiety, I worry about it. But after talking to a few people they said it’s not bad at all, a few people I spoke with actually enjoy it (maybe the gas they give you before? Lol). My doctor said I would only be asleep for about 10 minutes as the procedure is very quick. Anyone had LEEP under GA and have any advice for me? I know I shouldn’t worry about it as it’s such a common thing, an in office procedure, and very quick, but of course I still do!


I had a GA 2 weeks ago, originally I was told it was for a 2nd LLETZ procedure, but then before my surgery date they changed it to a Cone Biopsy, so can only guess that other than the procedure itself it will be the same.
I was allowed out the same day, so I had to be in for 11, I was first down for surgery which was 1/1:30 and the back on the ward just after 3, and then discharged at 7, it would have been 5:30/6:00 but my heart rate was a little high so the nurse wasn’t happy for me to go home even though the consultant was.
On the day you won’t be able to drive after it - they normally say 24-48 hours.
You will be advised a time that you can not eat or drink after, depending what time you go in they may recommend having a light breakfast (toast) as it’s meant to help when you come round, once you are back on the ward they will normally get you to eat something, I had the choice of toast or biscuits and will get you drinking water.
They won’t allow you home till you have had a pee (don’t be alarmed if you have some blood when you go this is pretty normal)
For me I preferred being put out and not knowing what was going on, another reason they wanted to do this way was because they needed to go in deeper and it wouldn’t be comfortable for me and they didn’t want me moving about.
You will see a nurse when you first go in who will take your obs and give you your gown, socks, and paper knickers, you will also see the anaesthetic doctor who will ask some questions and go through the process with you.
Recovery wise, for at least a day or 2 you will feel tired from the GA and may find you need a nap or 2 throughout the day. Everyone is different how long it last but for me it was just over a week, but also think it’s because I’m not sleeping great at the moment whilst I’m waiting for the results (for me that’s worse than the procedure itself). I have had GA in the past and don’t remember it taking a week to stop the tiredness, I’m just glad that my work have been understanding and kinda let me do what I want work wise at the moment.

I’m guessing you may still get the side effects of cramps and discharge from the LLETZ itself.

If you have any questions feel feee to message me.

Thank you so much for your response! I greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

I wonder why my doctor said I would be asleep for only about 10 minutes? It seems like you experienced differently, I wonder if that is due to the difference in actual procedures (cone versus LEEP). I was told that you do wake up feeling pretty tired so someone would have to drive me home.
I’m trying not to be too nervous about it but I guess I went in today expecting to be told that it would be under local as it seems thats what’s most commonly done and then just being told differently (and its something ive never had done before) makes me nervous is all.

I’m not sure if the cone biopsy takes longer than LLETZ. When I googled information on the cone biopsy it said takes about 15 minutes, but I never asked before the procedure how long it would take, and because I wasn’t really with it when I see the consultant after I didn’t ask about the time being down there. Although the procedure is quick with LLETZ you have also got to factor in the time of you going off to sleep, being moved to the operating room and then coming round after in recovery.

This is the first time I have gone through this (although I’ve had GA before never had any of these procedures done), and it is the not knowing and the lack of information they give you. You should be able to get more information on the day from the team that deal with it day in day out. Of course you will be nervous, even though I’ve had the GA before I was still bricking it and even the nurse could tell how anxious I was, but they were all lovely and tried to put me at ease as much as they could.
I’m sure you will be fine.

That makes sense, thank you so much. I know my gyno has an anesthesiologist on staff so they do the procedure in office rather than in the hospital since it is mild sedation.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Im trying to remain calm and remind myself people do this everyday and majority of them are more than fine!

Yes to them it is a standard procedure.

I’ve had trouble focusing with things and over thinking since all this started at the end of April, but today I’ve had a bit of good news, the 2nd biopsy they have taken seems to have got all the area, now just waiting for results on something else, but my consultant was very positive which is good, especially as I over thought something she said after my surgery.

I’m sure you will be fine

Oh amazing! I’m so very happy for you :slight_smile: I know that must be a huge relief and weight off your shoulders after months of worrying!

I hope the other results you are waiting on come back with good news as well!! So happy for you!

Yes it is a bit, but I think till I get the other results I won’t fully relax. Just want to try and get back to some sort of normal and not constantly feeling rubbish and drained.

Keep me updated on your progress.

I understand that. My anxiety and my mind don’t usually let me rest until I have everything completely sorted out.

I’m not sure if you’re the praying kind, but I said one for you this morning after reading your messages that you would be filled with peace and comfort and that whatever further results you were waiting for would be positive for you!

I had a dream last night I was having mine done next week and didn’t wake up from the sedation. Ridiculous I know lol but it was all I could do this morning to not start googling statistics of that possibly happening. Anxiety and worry are terrible. Here’s to us hopefully letting go and knowing we will be alright!!