Only 22 to young for smear what do I do?

Hi I am 22 years old a mummy to a beautiful 1 year old daughter

and I have been having some real concerns for my health

and was looking for some advice?

For a while I have been bleeding a lot during periods 

And in between to be honest it never really stops.. I have brown discharge 

And it's uncomfortable during intercourse I have recently been experiencing 

Pain around my pelvic area. I am to young for a smear so was just confused 

At what steps I need to take next I have a horrible gut feeling and I am concerned 

But what can I do ?? X

Keep gping to the doctors. or ultimatly pay privately i was practically the same age as you begging for a smear due to symptomsm i was fobbed off with infection screening that was all clear no infections. I was then to scared to go when i was invited as i feel somethings wrong im now 27 and had my smear 2 weeks ago and i have high grade abnormailities...not a shock i knew i would anyway, just a bit upset with myself for giving up so easily when told no about a smear, be pro active with your own health be persistent if you need to save up and pay privately, good luck i hope its probably nothing, but better to be safe x

Yes I think you just no when something is wrong I have a strong feeling something is wrong they usually say oh its the pill you are on or an infection etc.. I guess I will have to save and go private thanks x

Google 'kirstie Wilson Chelsea cancer' which should let you find Kirsties story. Print it out and take it to your doctors appointment! You'll have to push for a smear. But it will be worth it. I don't know when you became sexually active but you could also quote that research shows that smears should be offered after 8 years from first sexual activity so you could tell a little white lie on that one! Good luck! 

Hi Kelsey.i am also 22 and give birth to my 3rd baby 6 months ago.I have been having issues with my periods.They are irregular at the moment,I will get one every month but they come at different times every month.I will have a normal flow bleed for 5 days than for a further 5 days I have been having a very light pink discharge.It has only been this month that I haven't had that happen.I suffer with health anxiety so I diagnose myself daily with some illness.


can I ask what issues you have been having xx

i cant stress enough how important it is to listen to your own body....and if everythings ok its a bonus....I had my eldest child when i was 15, id had three children by the time i was invited but now too scared to go for my smear. Perserve...if your gp refuses ask for referals to the hospital for investigations, working in the funeral industry helped me realise how precious life is x dont give up just because you are told no

Hi thanks a bit yucky but I constantly bleed 2 days off if I am lucky. I lose brown liquid not sure if this is blood or discharge also I every now and then I got pains around my pelvic area I suffer sever social phobia with anxiety and I am forever doubting myself I don't want to be laughed at if I go to the doctors I just wish I was 25 at this moment in time I don't want people looking at my bits the and stuff the best of times let alone having to beg someone to to. I am not sure if these are symptoms of cc but I am sure it can't be normal x

I'll do that now thank you x x