Ongoing things

Following a colposcopy on 7th Sept for erosion cautery and negative punch biopsies I have since had a pelvic and abdominal US which is all normal.  Could  I just have a naughty uterus (abnormal uterine bleeding)? Back ache has been disregarded as symptom of original spotting which nurse put down to the erosion, but I didn't bleed after sex and not taken the pill since 2005 other than briefly after birth of second child in Dec 12 whilst husband had vasectomy.  I had some discharge which at first was normal colour but then was tinged bloody  (6 weeks after colposcopy) so thought would be too late to be related to treatment. Haven't had a period since early July could this be due to stress from everything? Consultant said glandular changes would have been picked up on smears I've had two in my lifetime and next is due next November.  Just can't shake it all off! Been referred for physio for back ache x

I can only describe the discharge as the colour and consistency of egg white with sporadic lower left back pain.  Two perfect full blood counts and nothing abnormal on pelvic and abdominal US I've been told to get a grip by husband! Nice! 

Try not to worry :) there can be main indicators why you've not had a period, pcos, milds cycts on the ovaries stress these an all give you back ache xx try not to worry, when do you have a smear booked ? or have they done one xx

Thanks for your reply my smear isn't due til next Nov.  I had punch biopsies on 7th September all ok I just have the hpv virus so normal smear next year when it's next due x

If all good Hun don't panic :) all good news xx yay xx