ongoing symptoms feeling worried

hi everybody,

I've posted on here before.  basically ive been having some worrying symptoms for the last three years and gradually it's gotten worse. I have a persistent heavier than normal discharge. bleeding  after intercourse usually a while after or the day after and not a lot but it's there, a swollen tummy and period type pains. Also my periods are very heavy with huge clots and the blood looks fresh which it never used to. my smears have been clear and I've had a few colposcopies in which theyou found absolutely nothing at all. this last time the nurse found a small blood vessel that she said bled as soon as she touched it. I asked her if she should biopsy the area and she said that there was no need. recently I had some examinations as I suffered a miscarriage and they were concerned about the amount of bleeding and clots I had. the nurse called the doctor who suggested that I be referred for colposcopy. I told her I'd had a few and she said it's better to have another check although she assured me that she couldn't see anything of concern other than the excessive bleeding and because it had been noted by the nurse that I bled on contact. I know this is a really long post I'm. just wondering am I being over the top could something have been missed all this time? does anybody have a similar experience where this has been the case? I am concerned that my symptoms have been so persistent. what test would you advice to put my mind at rest once and for all. I don't mind paying privately.