Ongoing problems now abnormal smear

Hi Everyone

Just looking for a bit of advice and my nerves to be calmed really. For a while now, I have had ongoing problems with my period. My cycle has continually been changing; gone from being 28 day cycle to now 40 days, 24, 31 etc. Every month is different. I also now have very heavy bleeding and painful periods where I have never suffered with this before. Something just doesn’t feel right. I was advised to go on the pill whenever my period started again to see if this would sort out my cycle. I had been taken off Cerazette as was continually bleeding and have literally just started Microgynon again. (I haven’t been on the pill as my husband had a vasectomy). Anyway got sent for hormonal bloods etc and swabs incase of infection etc but all came back fine. I then got sent for USS to check for fibroids etc which I had today but they advised all ok. I had a smear test last week where my results are normally fine. This time within 5 days I received a hospital letter sending me to colposcopy clinic next week. I got my results letter today advising abnormal cells and high grade dyskaryosis.
I’m hoping its literally due to changes in the cells that I am having these symptoms and that removing the cells will sort out all problems, but I am worried with all the symptoms I am having that things may have progressed already. I have 3 children ages 8, 5 and 1 and think my worrying is getting worse due to thinking of them.

Any help or advise is greatly appreciated as I am going out of my mind.



It's completely natural to worry but try not to overthink things. It's such a difficult area of the body to have problems as we already have pains and the like from periods and it is difficult not to put these down to something else. I'm guessing you've been for your colposcopy now? How did it go? Did you mention the funny periods?