Ongoing issues



Just wanted some advice and to find out if anyone else has been through the same thing.

I had my first smear in March, severe high grade dyskaryosis diagnosed, sent for colposcooy and had lletz treatment there. Everything seemed to be fine but 5 days later i got BV and given anti biotics. 

BV cleared up and everything seemed fine. Then I started bleeding heavy and lots of pain. Went to see docs today and they have told me my site is not healing and they think I have another infection so now 2 more lots of anti biotics.

Lletz was 2.5 weeks ago and nothing but problems. 

Anyone got any advice or been through this too? I've done everything I was supposed to do.


You are similar to me. I had my very first smear in September 2016 (age 24). Results came back as CIN2 and I was referred to hospital for treatment, although I didnt have treatment - i actually had a punch biopsy. I was told to expect spotting and slight discomfort. Annoyingly a few days after, I began bleedy heavily and was admitted to hospital with an infection for 3 days.

My biopsy came back as CIN2 and I was actually referred for LLETZ treatment.

I went in for LLETZ - they took away more cervix than normal (it was a pretty large excision - not just a scrape). Again, I was told to expect spotting, which I did for the first week. Then out of no where, unfortunately I had a very traumatic complication and actually hemorrhaged - I was rushed into hospital because I was losing so much blood. Was told to prepare for surgery and blood transfusion. They did however then say, they want to avoid surgery and cervix being stitched as I was so young and haven't had any children yet. I needed a bood transfusion and was hooked up to fluids and tranexamic acid to stop the bleeding. I also had a vaginal pack for 48 hours and catheter. Was in hospital for a week. Very very traumatic - the NHS are just fantastic!!

I was told its extremely rare for the cervix not to heal like this, they recommended to do blood checks for me.

My treatment was 1st December and finally stopped bleeding and back to normal towards the end of Jan!!

I did however recieve my LLETZ biopsy and it was CIN3 (even worse) - but not sure if all the cells were taken. So because of my awful healing process - they said they can't do anything until 6 months.

I had my test of cure smear last Thursday, awaiting results.

No real advise, but thought I would share my experience. I obviously have insane anxiety now with what happens next.

Make sure you rest and really don't over do it. Your body needs to heel!!