Ongoing bleeding after LLETZ

Hello everybody.

I am almost 9 weeks post LLETZ.  I was told it was completely successful.  I had discharge for about 5 weeks after the procedure.  My husband and I started having sex again about a week after the discharge stopped.

We haven't had sex a lot though, because every time we do, it seems to make me slightly uncomfortable and prone to bleeding.  For example, we had sex yesterday and then, about four hours later, I had a little bit of pinkish/blood tinged discharge.  This has continued today.  This is characteristic of what has happened every time we've had sex.  Usually the bleeding starts a little while afterwards and continues on and off for a few days.  It seems to happen especially (sorry, TMI) when I have a bowel movement (this happened after my first colp biopsies too - the nurse said that pressure in that area puts pressure on the cervix).

Anyway, I've made an appointment to see my doctor next Weds but I wondered in the meantime if this has happened to anybody else.  The bleeding is really, really light and mild - it's pinkish, rather than bright red - but I do find it a bit worrying.  I'm assuming the chances of it being something really horrible are very slim given that they said no further treatment was needed, but I also feel guilty because it's affecting our sex life.  I'm on the progesterone only pill so I don't have periods normally, or if I do, very light ones.

Thanks everybody.




i have similar problems but to a much worse extent.  for me it wasn't serious but just due to slow healing and its definitely worth getting checked out.  ask the GP to send you back to the hospital if they are uncertain.

please try not to feel guilty tho, this isn't your fault.

take care



Hi, Michelle.

I had a mad week lask week so I didn't get a chance to say thank you for your post - it did make me feel reassured.

My doctor had a look and said she thought my cervix still looked a bit fragile from the proceedure.  She said it bled a bit as she was examining me but it just looked like it was still healing and she wasn't worried.  She said that it looked fragile 'on the side' and that made me remember that my LLETZ was a bit lop-sided because I had a patch of CIN in the middle and a patch on the far edge.  So I actually do now remember him saying that he was taking more tissue than normal and that it was a funny shape.  Maybe this is why the healing is taking its time?  

She said sex is fine as long as I don't mind bleeding, which puts me in a bit of a dilemma with the hubby because I don't really want to have sex when I'm sore and bleeding!  But we'll have that conversation together.

Thanks again x