One year since diagnosis

Hi all,

just writing to say that tomorrow is one year since my diagnosis. Yes, at 12:20 on 4th September 2013 I thought my world had fallen apart. But I'm still here and well. A diagnosis is not a death sentence. I wanted to write on this part of the forum to share that with all you ladies who have just received your bad news and starting their cancer journey. 

It has been really hard at times. Really hard. But with a great husband and some good friends, I'm doing ok. My MRI and ultrasound have shown no new cancer and my aches and pains all seem to have gone. 

A lot of the ladies who were diagnosed at the same time as me do not seem to post on here anymore which makes me think that, like myself, they are doing ok and don't need this support network anymore. So keep positive- you'll get through this. You're stronger than you know.

good luck and love to all you ladies out there.

dons xxx

Hi Dons

I was diagnosed at 2pm a year ago yesterday, 2nd September and yes, I felt that my world had fallen apart too.  Like you, I'm still here and well.  Yes, it has been tough at times but by taking one step at a time (albeit slowly to start with!) then you can get through the bad times.

I still come on this site most days and although I haven's started any posts for some time now, I try to respond to whoever I can to help and support them on their journey.  It was posts like that that helped me at the time and made me believe that yes, I could deal with this and get through it.

I felt so very weak mentally at the time but its surprising just how strong you are in the face of adversity.

All check ups have been fine so far, I have a MRI due in November and a vault smear next April so fingers crossed they will be clear too.

I echo Dons in that I wish lots of love and luck to all those ladies who have started or who currently are going through their journey.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx


Well done ladies for keeping the positive messages comming.

It is great to see you are doing so well.

Long may it continue.

All the best for the future

Becky x

Thank you! I needed these posts today!

Mollz xxxxxxx


Glad they help. Do click on cheryls and my past posts from last year to find out whT happened to us and how we were feeling- we posted a lot!!!

Any questions u have, please just ask. I don't come on here like I use to but I do drop in to keep up to date with people.

Ggood luck. It will all be very quick. Fingers crossed.

Love and hugs xxx


Hi dons,

just wondering why you decided against the radiotherapy? Has that turned out ok? I don't fancy it myself!!!

Molly xxx

I didn't have radiotherapy either. It was a tough decision. I had to weigh up the risks. The reduction of risk of reoccurrence versus the side effects of radiotherapy. Every case is different and if you find you need to consider that option you will be given lots of info to help you decide./p>

Well I'm not an artistic person but I think a personalized scrap book with inspiring stories, prayers, jokes, healthy regimens and best cancer treatment in Europe would definitely be a wonderful gift. The thought there is to give the patient positive views on life to ease his or her agony and pain. maybe able to help you. 

No I didn't fancy it either!! I was given lots of information and talked through the pros and cons with the oncologist. I also asked for her personal opinion, rather than her professional one. This kind of treatment can cause so many new problems of its own, weighed up with the reasons to have it being a small percentage chance of helping me, I was able to make my decision.

I hope all is well with u and u are on the mend 

Dons xxx