One year post treatment

Hi ladies.
About a month ago I started with a bad back, looser bowels, vibrating sensations in my legs, stabbing pain (mild ) in my pelvis - the list is endless.
I contacted the hospital as I’m not supposed to be having any more scans and, as you can imagine, I’d convinced myself it was back.
I got the results today and there’s no change in my scans, no cracks in my pelvis, nothing. So basically, I’m just a 48 year old hypochondriac who is constantly carrying babies due to work (bad back), eating lots of fruit and veg (looser stools) and who know what causes the other things.
I’m on 4 month check ups now so tonight I’m booking 2 weekends away, a week away, buying new trainers and some new clothes oh and booking a hair appointment! Yay

Well deserved Philleepa! Being one year in the clear is amazing you're such an inspiration!

Fabulous news. I'm so glad. xx

Ah brilliant news. It's such a relief I know when they say it's all clear you can breathe again and start making plans. So happy for you on the one year clear x

Hi Philleepa It drives you mad. Aren't you glad your just a hypochondriac? Jayne

Great news Philleepa. It does get easier. I'm in year three now and it is already better than year two, but changes do occur and age creeps on, but it's not always the dreaded CC. Enjoy your planned treats! X

Great news xxx

Hello there lady!

glad to hear you are only a hypochondriac!!! Enjoy and celebrate!



omg I've just this week started getting all sorts of strange pains a year out of treatmebt too!! Not enough to take tablets but enough to make my brain have a break down thinking the worst!!! I'm so so happy for your clear scan absolutely amazing!!! Go and spoil yourself you def deserve it!! This cancer rubbish is enough to drive us all into being hypochondriacs lol!! Take care xxx

Thrilled to hear this Philleepa! I had my heart in my mouth reading your post! And you know what? Even the hypochondria clears up after a while :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanks everyone. This was the first time I've felt really really happy after a scan. Even though obviously I was pleased previously ,  there was always something making me feel a bit - I dunno - can't explain it. 

Anyway, now I have no excuse for not going to the gym and losing weight so I'm off to get my trainers this morning .  I'm full of a cold though so the actual exercise will have to wait. lol

Hi All 

I thought maybe my two cents worth would help me to understand things better and at the same time help someone else so here goes….

Age 49

Diagnosed September 2015 – Cervical Cancer stage 2B

Treatment – 6 weeks daily radiation and chemo once a week.

Grand Finale – Brachytherapy four days  

Completed treatment – Mid December 2015

All Clear – March 2016 – June 2016 – September 2016 – December 2016  

Next appointment – This Week.


One year later and now the only time I am really reminded I have had Cancer is during and after sex.

Unfortunately I had to deal with a husband that didn’t give me much support during or after the treatment, this together with a number of other issues between us, I divorced him in June 2016. 

So unfortunately, all the advice of regular sex to keep things stretched and open went straight out the window. 

I went out and bought myself a battery operated toy but I really don’t like it at all, there is absolutely no pleasure at all for me only pain, self-inflicted pain I feel and therefore it doesn’t motivate me to keep on doing it.  A month ago I decided to rope my ex-husband into assisting me in keeping things stretched and open.  No strings attached, just a familiar person 'finally' helping me and he agreed. 

It is sore, it’s uncomfortable and it feels like I’m burning inside during and after Sex. All positions besides missionary have become virtually impossible and having sex more than once in one evening makes me feel like someone is inserting red hot coals into my virginal channel.   

I am just wondering for how long this continues, how much longer will I have this burning sensation? Does this eventually subside? Will I ever have normal sex again?  

I feel like my sexuality, the one thing that I always loved and enjoyed so much, is being ripped out of me like I no longer deserve the greatest gift given to humanity. I feel like I must just exist and give up on ever having a normal sex life again.

I am seeking some sort of inspiration here, I need to know if there is a light at the end of this sad and dark tunnel. I’m hoping to hear from someone with two to three years (or even more) post Cervical Cancer treatment like mine to tell me that everything will be ok.  But if this continues forever and a day then I must also know so that I can prepare myself mentally and emotionally for it. 

Please help
Thank you for taking the time to read my sad story.

Kind regards



Hi Xandra,

I am so sorry to read this. I wish I could tell you a happy story but mine is not. I gave up sex completely about two and a half years after treatment. How much this was because of physical changes and how much was down to the emotional changes within our relationship I couldn't say.

Be lucky :-)

Hi philleepa

i can't tell you how pleased I am for you  one year clear is amazing

we were diagnosed about the same time.  Unfortunately I am still in treatment and just finished my 3rd round. I was wondering if you had the results of the audit of your previous smears. I have just got mine and they have come back clear. They said I went from clear to stage 4b in 2 and a half years. I can't find anyone else that this has happened to. i believe your previous smear was clear. Has anyone out ther had the same diagnosis. I am so confused right now. Thanks xxx