One Year on

Hi all 

I just wondered if it was normal to feel awful near your year anniversary of diagnosis?

I had a CT scan on Monday for my 6 monthly check up. It bought back some strange memories. 

Tomorrow is a year since diagnosis. I had hospital stays due to severe bleeding, tumour removal, radiocal hysterectomy , radiotherapy and brachytherpay. Whilst treatment was successful i feel almost numb whilst playing through my head what happened a year ago. My body has been through so much phsyically and mentally. Lockdown has made me face a lot of issues regarding the cancer as i live alone. It is also hard as i am in my early 30s and my friends are all popping out babies. 

Has anyone got any coping techniques?

I should really celebrate my health and happiess tomorrow as i have come such a long way in such a short time. 


Think of all you amazing ladies :) 




Hi Jess, 

Trust me it's completely normal. We have hadvhad different experiences but anniversaries etc will always be weird. 

I tried to think of all the positive things that have happened to me since my diagnosis. It might not be a massive list but the very fact there is a list makes me grateful. 

Also having a scan around the time of it is always going to be really shitty timing. Scanxiety is a massive contributing factor here I would think. 

I would try and make it into a happy day. Take a trip, have a picnic in the park....anything. Start a happy tradition. 

Also, consider having some form of counselling, it really helps to get it off your chest. 

Good luck XXX