One year on, the first vault smear....

Hi everyone:

Just thought I'd check in and give some info on vault smears. 

After my hysterectomy, I had a six month check, which soley comprised of my gyno oncologist having a look around inside my vagina. She told me that it looked beautiful, which, to be honest, is the first time someone has said that, so I was very proud.  Way to go, Ms Vee! My next six month check, which I have just had, coincided with a little bit of spotting that I was having, which as you can imagine, scared me to death. Bleeding was never a symptom that I experienced before being diagnosed, or after treatment for that matter, so because of this, I went in a few weeks early for my year check.

The vault smear was very easy and not painful at all. She used the usual metal thing that opens up the canal and then just swabbed around, taking some scrapings from here and there inside. None of that nasty pinchy bit that a usual pap smear involves. That was it! Done. Got the test results back a few days later and everything is fine. Yay!!! One year under my belt, four more to go before being officially let go!

Incidentally, the spotting was caused by a little bit of vaginal atrophy - I'm clearly getting as old as dirt! I've now got an estrogen cream to dab up there a few times a week, which will keep everything plush and lubricated.Plush! I love that idea. 

Hope today is a good day for everyone.

much love, t xx



Hi Teresa,

so happy to hear you are one year free!!!! This is great news. 


Hi TeresaF Sounds like you're on your way to win vagina of the year. Well done