One year MRI Review: 2B/3 CC with Pelvic & Para-aorta Nodes involved

I had my follow up MRI scan last week and the results are in. It's been 13 months since the Chemorads & Brachytherapy ended, and one year since the post treatment pelvic & abdominal MRI. 

'No evidence of recurrence.' 


I know there's still a long way to go, but so many of my pelvic nodes were up that my left leg had swollen and I couldn't walk more than 50 paces without needing a rest when I first received the diagnosis. They were really bothered by the size of my para aorta nodes. I was told that the aim was (and I quote) 'management not cure'. So this result, at this point, is already way more than I could have hoped for.

I want to thank everyone who posts in here, at whatever stage of treatment or recovery you are at but especially all you 2B/3 ladies. I read this forum voraciously when it all kicked off and found the information, support and personal accounts massively helpful and encouraging. You are all bloody brilliant!

Thank you. 




Wonderful news Cheery, you must feel amazing. X

Brilliant news Smile 

Great news :-)

Wonderful news :))))

Fantastic xx

That is wonderful news cheery. You are quite brilliant and helpful yourself. Chatting to you on here always helps. Go celebrate and enjoy your remarkable progress. Take care and much love xx

What lovely news! So happy for you! X 


Thanks everyone. 

I remember looking for personal accounts of 'CC with para aorta lymph node involvement' when I was scared right at the beginning of all this. There's not that many. Dr's also often make sharp intakes of breath at the mention of that particular pesky node, so I just wanted to put this out there in case someone else follows looking for some hope to help them along the way.

Hi reading your post has aorried me a little. I was 1b1 grade 3. Had radical hysterectomy in Jan 19 with 16 lymph nodes removed,all which were clear,no futher treatment.  I have been getting left side leg ache which sometimes radiates into my left knee. I also had lesions showing on my spleen and some kidney stones on my scans I had before my rdh . Consultant wasn't worried about spleen said probably benign.Told consultant about leg pain but they said it's probably muscular,didn't want to scan me again because of the risks and my age. In august i had terrible pain in my ovary area and lower back, went to gp,she put me in for a ct scan. Had results Friday which have shown enlarged external illiac nodes both sides of pelvis .I am terrified of recurrance,got appointment Thursday to see my consultant once it's all been to mdt. Doc said I will need pet scan. 

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  2. Good luck with scan results Sharon.