One year after diagnosis checkup.

NED still! The liver lesions, according to the follow up MRI are just cysts and no evidence of cancer returning anywhere!!! I cried. I was so prepared to hear bad news. I don't even know what to think!

Hi ya nm

this is wonderful news!!! Now go on an enjoy with some great food and a glass of bubbles :)

Such brilliant news! So so pleased for you.

That's fab news! 

Anne xx

Such good news hun x 

Thank you so much ladies!

Great news !! Congratulations x

Fab news!!!

Great news! x

Thanks for sharing your story-it's definitley made an impression on me. I just turned 40, and was dx with adenocarcinoma 1b2, tumor between 4-5 cm and they don't want to do surgery. Your tx plan is very similar to mine. I've been online reading medical journals and I'm scared to death. I start treament next Monday but I'm ready! I have two amazing boys that I can't let down...thankfully, one is 20 and the other is 13, so they can help. Thanks again for giving me hope and I wish you well!!