One week down 4 to go

Today I've completed my 1st week of treatment, Chemo - Cisplatin, external radiotherapy x 25 & Brachy x 3 and have to say I have experienced no issues so far, no nausea, tiredness, loss of appetite, better than I could have hoped for, but I guess that's just the start, and despite staying positive & focused, I know it's unlikely that this state of affairs is likely to continue.  Diagnosed Stage 1b1.

I guess my biggest fear is the radiotherapy side effects which sound horrendous.  I am deliberately trying to avoid reading any horror stories or worst case scenarios to keep myself upbeat,

Any advise ladies ????


Fiesty xx

Just wanted to say well done and keep staying positive. Xxxxx

Well done Feisty :-)

I drank liquid aloe vera throughout my treatment and have had no noticeable lasting side effects from radiotherapy. Certainly it does no harm! ;-) I was put on some draconian diet and I don't know if that helped but certainly it bored me to tears! Do make sure not to forget your anti-puke pills, they are a life-saver. 

Hope it all goes really well for you :-)
Be lucky

Thanks Tivoli,

I've taken the anti-sickness pills religiously despite not feeling nauseous, but i'll definately look into the Aloe Vera juice, im having a session of Acupuncture next week to see if that helps.

I'm being really careful with my diet as I don't want to go piling the pounds on with steriod based medication, hopefully that will help too.

Hope you are going from strength to strength, 


Sarah T,  hang in there and stay strong and positive, hopefully you'll get your op date soon and i'll all be a distant memory 

Feisty xx

Yay go you, one week down!

(Apologies for the stilted post, my iPad hates this site for some reason!)

the side effects and potential complications scare me silly too. Don't really know what to say!

What's the steroid based med for?x

Hi Feisty,

one down, well done !! Try to stay strong and focused and you will be finished in no time.

Good luck and Big Hugs xxx

Hi Sweet Pea,

The steroid based medications are anti-sickness tablets, which I've taken, but haven't actually felt sick or naseous.


Thanks Diane,

I'm trying to do just that the finish line is in sight :-) xx