One step closer

Hi all, I’ve been for an appointment today and been told I will be having radiotherapy everyday Monday-Friday and chemo 1 day a week for 5 weeks, then 2 sessions of internal radiotherapy.

Anyone else had the same treatment? Not looking forward to the side effects and early menopause :sleepy:

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Hi welcome to the club no wants to be a member of…

Finished treatment last September, had the same treatment as you and not going to lie it was hard. But loads don’t have any side effects where i was wiped out 3 weeks into the radiotherapy and had to take sick leave. Not going to lie it hasn’t been a picnic since either but i am just one of the unlucky ones.

Just stay focused on the end and it is totally manageable. I have currently a RT induced bowel condition and inflamed tendons in my legs they can only assume is related to the RT. But my last PET scan was NED so you take the rough with the smooth.

You will get all the support you need on here don’t worry, you are not alone


Hi my treatment was nearly the same. I had 5 weeks of radiotherapy and chemo. But I had 3 brachytherapy, my treatment finished end of March, got my MRI next week so scared!!!

When you start your treatment just take a day at a time you will get there. At the beginning I felt like the 5 weeks was going to drag in but after the first week I felt like it went in pretty quick. The ladies on here are amazing and if you have any questions or worries they are always here for you. Xxx

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Hi @LoubyLou85, your not alone, lots of us have had the same treatment, I’m on week 5 and honestly once you start the weeks will fly by.
Make yourself the priority and rest as much as you can.
Wishing you well xx


Hi Lou, I finished treatment 3 weeks ago, same as urs, but like Sarah I had 3 brachytherapies. Honestly it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected. You will be so busy with travelling back and forth for ur treatment everyday and going for scans, blood tests etc, that the 5 weeks will fly by. I was terrified of the brachytherapy but it was actually okay. The worst part was lying flat for 30 hours. Just take each day as it comes and listen to ur body, rest when u need too and don’t push yourself. If ur having a bad day, just remind yourself why ur doing this and think of the end goal, it will get you through it. Good luck with everything and take care. X


Is brachytherapy internal radiotherapy? I’m having that after the 5 weeks

It is yeah. X

Oh god, it sounds horrendous :tired_face: :flushed:

Honestly it is nowhere as bad as you imagine. I just completely zoned out i mentally split my body in half and just ignored anything from the waist down😂 It worked for me never really felt any pain after finishing the last session went home, went to bed and was fine the next day.

If you think too much about it you’ll drive yourself mad. Just turn up on the day and the nurses and doctors will get you through it.

Good luck xx

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It’s honestly not as bad as you’re thinking. I was soooo scared of getting the applicators taken out, but i was just worrying for nothing. The last rod was sore but nowhere near what I thought it would be. I found the biopsies worse. Just keep reminding yourself why your doing it. X

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Thank you all so much…we are definitely made of tough stuff :muscle::muscle: I always over think things, but I’ve taken a different approach to this cancer malarkey and I’ve tried to put it to the back of my mind. Infact I still don’t think it’s sunk in, I’m waiting for them to tell me theu got it wrong!! Haha…I’ll get there, as we all will​:smiley::smiley:

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Hi i have had the same treatment. Lots of rest and keep positive. :heart::scotland:

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Hi, I had 6 chemo infusions, and 26 radiation treatments, then 3 brachytheraphy and 4 boost radiation treatments. The Cisplatin chemo drug kicked my butt and coupled with the radiation side effects, I was pretty sick. I had 3 brachytherapy treatments and 4 boost radiation treatments after that. My PET scan three months later came back negative for cancer - “Fantastic” was the word my GYN oncologist used. While the treatment is tough, just keep in mind that you just need to make it through one day at a time. (My beloved husband died of glioblastoma in the brain stem, only living 38 days from diagnosis a mere 9 months prior to my own cancern diagnosis, so my head and heart were all over the place. I just prayed to get through one day at a time.) I have a huge support group of people who surrounded me with so much help. One lesson I learned, and it was hard for me because I’m not the person who asks for help, is to let people help you. If you need your groceries picked up on those bad days, let someone do it for you. Second lesson is to take care of yourself. This is the time to pamper yourself with rest, soft throws, nice lotions for your body that the nurses will recommend, and whatever food you want that your stomach and body will tolerate. And make plans for the future. Good luck!


Hi Lou,

Let’s be treatment buddies! I’m about to start too almost same treatment plan. I start next week already. Be great to keep in touch. I’m so scared but so excited too, this week has been a whirlwind starting with plan scans and getting all my dates. How are you coping? Actually my anxiety has greatly diminished this past week. It’s taken almost two months to get to this point.


Hi Lou,
Had exactly the same treatment 6 weeks ago. It was nothing like I expected cancer treatment to be. I am one of the many who sailed through. Brachytherapy was fine. In fact for someone who has worked for 33 years a 2x17 hour lie down was a treat. Take an iPad or similar to watch a few films, you will get lovely food, back and foot rubs etc. The anaesthetic is short and sweet, taking the rods out was something I didn’t find painful, just a funny pulling sensation, only had couple of paracetamol. You will ace it, good luck x

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Love hearing positive stories!! I am feeling extremely nervous for the brachytherapy, simply because I have a 5 year old son who I’ve never spent the night away from - he’s quite clingy when it comes to bed time and has always slept in with me!! Only a couple of nights away so I’m sure we’ll cope!

Yes I have. I started treatment Sept 2020.
It is totally doable honestly. Just prepare yourself.
Brachy is not as bad as you think it is going to be. You got this.

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Hi, I just wanted to say I had the same treatment schedule. Was supposed to have 5 chemo 25 beam radiotherapy and 4 brachytherapy.
In the end I had 3 cisplatin and 25 radio 4 brachy. That was December 2021
I’m NED!! So it definitely works. It will be tough but you’ve just got to get tough with it!! It’s not going to beat you even on your sickest days!! Don’t suffer in silence speak to your care team. I had one bout of chemo sickness, I told my team they gave me the rolls Royce of anti sickness tablets and i was fine.
My tip with radiotherapy is start counting backwards. It helped me. Mentally tick off the first one and then say 24 to go or whatever your schedule is.

Good luck. You’ve got this… I know it’s scary but one day at a time. Xxx


Thank you. Just about to head to the hospital for my planning scan, probably the first time I’ve flet nervous! I’ll be ok once I’m there, it’s the fear of the unknown isn’t it!! xx

Good luck, you’ll be glad to get started. The counting back advice is good, I did that for the first couple of weeks then didn’t need to after that, it all moved along quickly enough. Well done, you’re on your way :+1:

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